About Us

Hi! We’re Mari and Lousi. Sisters, Co-Founders, Health Professionals, Personal Trainers and your Chefs at Power Clean Meals.

In our eyes, health is wealth! We believe that consistently choosing nutritious, balanced meals will transform your life. A belief we’re both passionate about sharing despite our contrasting experiences growing up.

Mari’s Story

From a young age, I always loved experimenting in the kitchen. Creating and plating nutritious dishes were my thing. It was no surprise that I decided to study Nutrition and Food. I went on to become an Educator, Professional Home Economist and Nutrition Professional so that I could teach my community about the benefits of eating wholesome food as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Lousi’s Story

In my younger days, mealtimes were a source of anxiety because I struggled with being overweight. Between failed strict diets and snide remarks, high school was no picnic, but it did motivate me to adopt a new lifestyle. I made serious changes and I taught myself how to eat and exercise for optimal health. Ultimately, I fell in love with healthy living and became a Registered Nurse so I could continue to promote health to those who need it most.

Today, as health professionals, we both agree that nutrition plays a huge part in a healthy lifestyle. However, choosing the “good for you” option isn’t always convenient.

Here’s the truth. Eating healthy takes a lot of time!

Time out of your day to plan what you’ll eat. Time to choose recipes and list ingredients. Then, even more time at the grocery store.

It also takes commitment.

Commitment to prepare a home cooked meal after an extra long day at the office. Commitment to pack that lunch everyday instead of caving to greasy, sugary temptation.

As busy professionals who practice what we preach, we’ve learned that commitment is actually the easy part. When a healthy lifestyle is a priority like it is for us, mustering up the commitment to make good choices isn’t hard. Making the time, on the other hand? That’s a different story.

Time is a precious resource that’s not easy to create.
FYI if you know how to add an extra hour to the day, we want in on the secret!
In fact, most of us are looking for ways to create more time in these fast, hyper-social times.

Through this realization, Power Clean Meals was born — your solution for delicious and healthy, convenient meals. Now you can add time back into your week and fit wholesome food into your life in just three easy steps. Our meals are balanced, flavourful, and perfectly portioned. All you have to do is pick a plan, place your order and pick-up to enjoy.

Give us a try. You’ll taste the love we’ve added to every meal!

– The Power Clean Sisters (Mari & Lousi)

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