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December 6, 2016

7 Vacation Tips!

Pack your food! Pack snacks like homemade granola bars and nuts and seeds, these snacks can last you through the trip also put some in your suitcase for back up! Usually the airline menu is full of sweet and salty snacks and not enough high protein options. Salty snacks will make you thirsty and remember salt and water like each other! Your body will hold onto that water and voila water weight at its finest… Eat before you get to the airport! After the long lines and hassles of going through security you’ll think you deserve a nice bacon cheeseburger Read More

August 29, 2016

Fit in 5!

How many times have you heard the good old “I don’t have time” line! Yes, many of us have said it ourselves! But honestly we all have the time, its how we decide to divide it and how well we can utilize it! If it’s a priority, you will make time for it. So ask yourself, is my health and fitness a priority? YES! You can fit in 5 minutes, trust us! Here are 3 x 5 minute workouts that you can do anywhere! No excuses. We want you to get used to the idea that you have time and Read More

June 15, 2016

6 Post-Workout Snack Ideas On the Go to Keep You On Track!

After your awesome workout, it’s important to re-fuel your body with healthy foods containing carbohydrates and protein! After a workout your metabolism is fired up and your body is ready to be refueled, so be careful what you eat post-workout.At some point we’ve all told ourselves “well I can eat whatever I want because I already worked out” …big mistake! Yes, you have worked out but if you don’t eat accordingly you will never reach those results! Remember you can’t outweigh a bad diet, sounds simple but many of us know its pretty tough! The trick is too never get too Read More

May 7, 2016

5 Ways to Control Cravings

Two things you don’t do… give up or give in! Let’s face it! Cravings are inevitable whether it’s the salty snacks or sweet tooth cravings. We all get them at some point. Here are 5 tips to help you curb those cravings 15 is the magic number Distract yourself for 15 minutes. The longer you wait to act on the craving the less likely you are to still want it. This is where your brain says, “Is it really worth it….Do I really need it?” Drink a glass of water Our brains can’t always tell the difference between hungry and Read More

April 10, 2016

3 Ways to Stretch Your Budget When Meal Planning

It’s no secret. The cost of food is on the rise… especially the healthier ingredients, nevermind the organic ones. Cauliflower is how much?! Even though it might look cheaper to buy processed or packaged foods instead of fresh, whole ingredients, you don’t have to sacrifice your health to save a buck.     Here are 3 easy ways to stretch your budget and save money while planning healthy meals: TIP #1: Download a flyer app on your phone. With flyer apps like “Flipp” you can sort through all the flyers for the week with a quick scroll to see what’s on Read More

March 24, 2016

7 Ways To Make Meal Prep Easier!

Prepping a week’s worth of healthy and delicious meals is totally worthwhile but it can get a little overwhelming and time consuming. Avoid spending hours shopping, chopping and cooking with our 7 best tips for easy meal prep: Tip #1: Go to the grocery store with a list Wandering aisles without a plan is a surefire way to double (maybe triple?) your time in the grocery store. Instead, make a list and don’t leave home without it! For an easy shopping list that will create balanced meals include one protein and two vegetables per meal … and don’t forget the Read More

November 8, 2015

5 Meal-time Tips To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Frosty winter is now upon us! Nothing warms the season better than rich and indulgent comfort foods, but you don’t have to deprive yourself! I know what you’re thinking…but yes, IT IS possible! You can eat your winter favourites without packing on the pounds, feeling sluggish or bloated every day until salad season comes around. Think about it like this, you want to give your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t need (like refined or processed products). This means there is room for cheesecake sometimes as long as you’re balancing it with healthy eating Read More

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