Why we do what we do

Our mission? To support your healthy lifestyle by giving your body what it truly needs. Wholesome, balanced meals with all the nutrients it takes to power through your hectic week. We also want to see you live joyfully to the seasoned age of 104, still feeling young with a healthy heart. Our highest commitment to you is health promotion. It’s the best solution for disease prevention and in our professional experience, far more effective than disease treatment. Through every meal we prepare, we make your long healthy life possible.


Our Approach

We take this mission seriously but we also believe that life should have balance. This is why we focus on making it easy and enjoyable to eat healthy. It’s also why we’re perfecting the art of variety in our menus. Bland chicken breast, sweet potato and broccoli on repeat will bore your taste buds into submission. In our test kitchen we’re constantly creating new flavours including scrumptious, made from scratch, signature sauces. This way we can provide you with a range of flavours that taste delicious and meet your daily nutrient requirements. We also understand you are unique! You might prefer larger portion sizes or meatless options. So we take pride in offering multiple meal plans and some customization to better meet your lifestyle needs.

What We Bring To Your Table

We take pride in the care and quality in which your meals are prepared. Made with love isn’t in our tag line by mistake. Every Power Clean Meal you enjoy is created, tested, cooked, weighed, portioned and finally packaged, by hand and contains:
  • Wholesome local ingredients including a variety of organic produce
  • Approximately 400 calories per meal portioned to 4oz of protein, 1 serving of grains and 2 servings of vegetables in our Classic Meal Plan
  • Hormone and steroid free poultry
  • No added table salt or sugar
  • Perfectly cooked vegetables to retain maximum nutrients
  • Made from scratch side sauces (not included in the macronutrient counts)
  • Packed in convenient microwavable to-go containers, ready to heat and enjoy, though we do encourage re-heating meals on the stove top when possible!

Our goal? To create a happy and healthy community, one meal at a time!

Order by Wednesday for Menu A & Order by Thursday for Menu B