Where and when do I pick up my meals?

We offer several convenient locations for pick-up on Tuesdays and Sundays each week. Please visit our Shop page or Contact page to see current locations and pick up schedule. We also offer delivery! Select the delivery option when placing your order and read our delivery policies carefully in the FAQs to ensure you are prepared for your meal delivery.

Can I Have meals delivered to my home?

Yes! If you reside in our designated delivery area we’ll happily deliver your meals to your door with a small additional delivery fee. Power Clean Meals delivers to Scarborough, Toronto, North York, Pickering and Ajax.

How does delivery work?

Having meals delivered to your door is simple. Select the delivery option when placing your order and provide a delivery address within our designated delivery zone. You’ll also be asked to provide a telephone number so we can let you know when your order is on it’s way to you. Your meals will arrive between 5 PM - 9 PM on Saturday when you order Menu A (Wednesday cut-off order day) and between 5 PM - 9 PM Tuesday when you order Menu B (Thursday cut-off order day). A small delivery fee applies at checkout.

Do I have to be home to have my meals delivered?

You don’t have to be home personally but we highly recommend someone be home to receive your meals so that they can be properly refrigerated. However, if no one is home when we arrive, we will still deliver your meals to your front door or concierge. We'll then leave you a courtesy voicemail letting you know that your meals were delivered. IMPORTANT : When choosing the delivery option you are responsible for having someone at home to receive your meals. Power Clean Meals is not responsible for meals once they are delivered whether you are present to receive your order or not. If you are present to receive your meals, you must sign our delivery form.

If I order meals for a whole week (6 day service), can I pick-up or have my meals delivered all at once?

Unfortunately not. Pick-ups and deliveries are scheduled twice per week on Saturday/Sunday* and Tuesday to ensure your meals maintain freshness. We also include best before dates to keep you on track just in case you miss a meal. *Sunday pick up available in select locations. Sunday delivery is not available, unless Saturday weather conditions result in Sunday deliveries (we will let you know in that case). Please visit our contact page for current locations and pick up or delivery schedule.

Do I get to choose which meals I receive in my order?

No. Your meals are prepared from a preset menu but we’ve taken care to include a variety of options that you're going to love.

Can I customize my meals?

Generally our menus are fixed but we do offer a few customization options and if there's an allergy or dietary concern we may be able to accommodate your request. Additional charges may apply.

Can I freeze my meals?

Your meals are cooked to be eaten within 3 - 4 days so we wouldn't recommend it. Here's why. Not all ingredients are freezer friendly so the flavour and texture won't ever be as delicious as it is when fresh. In fact, chemical changes occur during the freezing process decreasing food quality.

Will I know how many calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are in my meals?

Yes, each meal is calorically calculated, weighed and packaged. All Classic Plan meals are an average of 400 calories, excluding side sauces and dips. The Classic Plan provides an average of 30 grams protein per meal. We also have our Powe Plan which contains larger portions and an average of 43 grams protein, therefore higher calorie count and macros. If you'd like exact macronutrient counts, please feel free to email us for more information.

Is my meal organic?

Meals are created with in season ingredients from local farms but we do choose organic when possible. Our sweet potatoes and quinoa are among the organic ingredients in our seasonal menus.

Will I have the same meals each week?

We love the process of creating new meals for our clients and aim to add 1 - 2 new meals per month.

How should I reheat my meal?

When possible, we recommend reheating meals in a pan on your stove top, but to keep life simple all meals are packaged in microwaveable containers. Please remove all non-microwavable contents from the meal (i.e. sauces/dips/coleslaw etc.) and heat for 1 - 2 minutes with the lid loosely covered to allow steam to escape.

Order by Wednesday for Menu A & Order by Thursday for Menu B